Why did you build Vidcade? 🤔

Today's social media giants push us to doom scroll endlessly, chase likes from strangers, and compete with friends for followers. In the process, we've lost sight of the real joy in creating and sharing content.

We built Vidcade to change that. Vidcade provides a fun, competitive environment where we can express our creativity and make our friends laugh. Vidcade is here to remind you that content creation can be fun, silly, and rewarding!

What even is Vidcade? 🫣

Vidcade is an app which lets you make silly videos you share with friends for a chance to win cash prizes. Become a contestant on the game show where your friends are the judges!

Is Vidcade free? 💸

Vidcade is totally free. We don’t run ads or sell your data - unlike other platforms.